Reaction of NYCM on the unexpected raid of police at the “Braka Miladinovci” library on 05.05.2015
[Original statements in Macedonian and Albanian]

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The National Youth Council of Macedonia expresses deep concern of the unfortunate event in which police late in the evening on May 5th 2015 violently entered the premises of the library “Braka Miladinovci” in Skopje, mercilessly seeking for demonstrators from the protest which at the same time was taking place in front of the building of the Government of Macedonia.

We are appalled by the brutality in which young people at the library were treated and believ this to be an invasion of the dignity of the student and a violation of basic human rights. We consider this raid to be a blow to one of the most relevant actors in the education process – students. The attack over them is an attack over moral and ethical values in education based on the principles of justice and freedom. We believe this event is a threat for student and youth activism, assembly and organizing, and aims to discourage young people.

It is distressing for the young person to be a witness of such an act and a victim of police violence, and we cannot stay silent at the stress, the fear and panic caused among the students, who at the time were simply preoccupied with their studying.

We call for the police to refrain from use of force and violent measures, and the responsible institutions to urgently take responsibility for this incident.

Police actions must be in the frameworks of procedures and laws, not lead by stereotyping basis and attacking young people who actively participate and contribute to democratic life in Macedonia.