A picture published online of a "Picture Album - Resignations 2015" with 3 filled in slots.
A picture published online of a “Picture Album – Resignations 2015” with 3 filled in slots.

Minister of Transport and Connections Mile Janakievski, Minister of Interior Gordana Jankulovska and Director of the Agency of Security and Counterintelligence Mijalkov submit resignations on the evening of May 12th.

sasomijalkov1Mijalkov’s statement says:

 “I want to emphasize being thankful to the confidence and for allowing me to be part of a team that brings progress to our country and defends national and state interests. You have my full support. In the interest of Macedonia, seeing that if I do this I will help in overcoming the political crisis, imposed by the opposition with its non-state behavior, and aware that truth and arguments are on our side and that that will only become more clear in the course of time, I want to inform that I am submitting a resignation from the position Director of the Agency for Security and Counterintelligence. With piety I thank all representatives of the security forces of the Republic of Macedonia, with who I worked for all this past period and to all other institutions for their engagement, dedication, courage and strength. They are our main support, our pride and Macedonia can count on them.

I continue to act according to my principles and convictions and I will always be here for Macedonia and its citizens”

mile_j_g_6Janakievski’s letter states:

Seeing the political situation in the Republic of Macedonia and all allegations towards me done with different sticked, edited, cut and created conversations which have not spared members of my family either, I submit my resignation from the position Minister of Transport and Connections.

Janakievski believes his resignation will contribute to stabilizing of the political situation in Macedonia and allow the county to walk towards EU and NATO.

gordana-jankulovskaJankulovska in her resination thanks the Prime minister for the confidence given to her to be part of the team to govern Macedonia. She also states that in these difficult days in which the country is in a deep political crisis she assesses it is time to resign, believing that the resignation will contribute to its overcoming.

The PM proposed two ministers to take the empty seats the following day.  Mitko Chavkov who is current Director of the Bureau for Public Safety  for Minister of Interior, and is stated by some to have coordinated the violent throw out of MPs and journalists from the National Assembly on 24th December 2013.
Vlado Misajlovski is to be appointed Minister of Transport and Communications is the Director of the Public Company for Public Roads, and also the brother of the owner of the pro-Governmental media Kurir.

Picture by Borjana Mojsovska
Picture by Borjana Mojsovska

Social networks became abuzz after the resignations, and speculations quickly started spreading about other official resignations, none confirmed. Some activists gathered in front of the Assembly in celebration of the resignations.