Demonstrators holding hands. Photo by: Vanco Dzambaski

May 12th to 16th were marked with gatherings at the unblocked streets in front of the Government building, taking directions as fit. Each day protesters gathered at 18:00 o’clock near the Government, picked up their banners and whistles and peacefully marched first to the Court demanding release of the detained demonstrators, and ending at the Assembly with chants, speeches and plenums.

May 13th was one of the most massively attended protests of the second week of #протестирам, and in an embracing positive atmosphere, protesters demanded freedom for their fellow citizens in Idrizovo and resignation of the Government and Prime Minister. The three resignations from May 9th brought some closure, but the movement is determined that it will not be swayed until the Government steps down.

Activist Marija Grubor in front of the Assembly. Photo by: Vanco Dzambaski

The second week was marked with brief and powerful speeches by citizens in front of the Assembly, speaking about their many reasons to take to the streets every day and not rest until this Government leaves.

On May 15th, the Court determined it will detain 3 more protesters, with the number amounting to 42 people temporary arrests for the May 5th protest, and a total of 15 demonstrators currently detained, one in house detainment and one that has fled. [Helsinki Committee Report] The outstandingly fast way of processing these cases and the unreasonable prison detainment make citizens even more upset with the institutions and the treatment of their citizens, which can factically be seen as political prisoners at this time.

Poster for the protests on the 14th of May with pictures from the 13th.

The protests were under the messages: Goodbye Nikola, Resignation!, No justice, no peace!, Down with the dictatorship!

In this week, the Opposition published three more “bombs” (sets of wiretapped conversations among officials) about: The MOI purchasing a 600K EUR Mercedes for the PM in secret, Officials stating they can “start a war in no time” and aggressively demeaning minorities and lastly a confirmation that the Government has been negotiating and accepting proposals for changing the country’s name – a matter they have denied rigorously).

May 15h ended with a plenary in front of the Assembly building, and May 16th in eyes of the upcoming massive protest was a peaceful gathering in front of the Government with people doing banners and calling out their messages.

Skopje’s statues start to protest as well.

The #протестирам movement will join the massive civil protests on May 17th at 14 o’clock, firstly gathering in front of the Court, to once again remind the institutions about the citizens they are keeping in prison, and then joining the march of the Student Plenum, will join the massive protests of Citizens of Macedonia in 13:55, symbolically five minutes before the protest.  #протестирам will continue to gather every day at 18h.

Video with a compilation of protests from the previous years, calling for the mass protest on the 17th, We’re coming.

Anti-Governmental stencils appear on the walls in Skopje.

The large scale protest on the 17th (known as We’re coming, #доаѓаме), will gather thousands from the entire country, seeking the current Macedonian government to resign and take legal responsibility for an almost decade long abuse of power, which includes vote rigging, large scale corruption, curtailing freedom of speech and of the press. The Citizens of Macedonia organizing the protest is a coalition of NGOs and political parties, standing against the regime in Macedonia. Protests will also be organized by Macedonian diaspora in front of Macedonian Embassies in other country.

An alternative flag of Macedonia made by the designer Bane: “Goodbye Nikola” #збогумникола