gruevski-vs-gruevskiSatirical portal Koza nostra, which is the most popular Macedonian site akin to The Onion, presented the following spoof on June 30, 2015:

Nikola Gruevski Presented an Action Plan for Salvation from Nikola Gruevski

The Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski has an action plan for every problem in the state, including about himself as the main problem for Macedonia at the moment, government spokesperson Aleksandar Gjorgiev stated. Since the Priebe report identified the top Government executive and the high functionaries who have family ties with him as main reason for lack of democracy in Macedonia, Gruevski prepared an Action Plan with several points to solve this problem, too.

“The Government does not run from the issues, instead it solves them. Gruevski is unlike other politicians who’d like to come to power without work. He accepts the Priebe recommendations and immediately set down and made a plan how to implement them. The plan envisions that Gruevski leaves the PM office and without delay in the reforms, for him to immediately return within the same office, but this time refreshed, reformed, more humane. Only a new and reformed Gruevski can deal with the issues he would inherit from the old Gruevski. Yes, Gruevski is Macedonia’s problem, but he is also her solution,” Gjorgiev said.

Ruling party VMRO-DPMNE confirmed that they prepare Gruevski as successor to Gruevski, and said that it would not be fair towards the opposition to allow it to solve the problems he created.

“The problems should be solved by the person that created them. Therefore, we propose that Gruevski succeed Gruevski. Our Action Plan has the support by USA and EU,” said Member of Parliament Ilija Dimovski.