On August 10, 2015, Telma TV published the following news entitled “MP Naumovski Trashed Social Workers in Bitola,” by the journalist Emilija Misirlievski.

Valentina Ralevska, employee in the Social Work Center in Bitola, claims that today around noon she and three of her colleagues were attacked by the Member of Parliament of Republic of Macedonia from Australia, Vasko Naumovski, at their workplace.

The incident took place during the meeting with Naumovski with his underage son in the Center. Ralevska, who is a sister of Naumovski’s spouse, has been hospitalized in Bitola Hospital, and could not talk on camera. Her lawyer confirmed the incident.

“At the moment the plantiff is in the Bitola Clinical Hospital, and has been kept for further medical treatment. The event was reported to the police, which claims it works on the case. How it will all transpire from now on, depends on the Public Prosecutor and the police,” stated Done Kuzmanovski, Ralevska’s lawyer.

MP Vasko Naumovski, during telephone conversation with Telma, denied that he physically attacked the employees in the Bitola Social Work Center.

He claims that this is a scenario to cover abuses by the Center, because his underage son, instead to him, was assigned to the parents of his spouse, while she is in Australia.

MP said that today at the Center for Social Work Ralevska spit on him, and later her husband tried to assault him in Bitola Police Station, where Naumovski reported the incident. Bitola police confirmed there was an incident, involving Vasko Naumovski MP, and the sister of his wife. They say they are on the case which involves mutual accusations and they will not release any more details.

Bitola Hospital staff confirmed that four employees in Center for Social Work reported for medical examination, and that Ralevska was kept for further observation.

Photo of Vasko Naumovski, MP representing VMRO-DPMNE from Australian diaspora, by Falanga.com.au.
Photo of Vasko Naumovski, MP representing VMRO-DPMNE from Australian diaspora, by Falanga.com.au.