A column by Liljana Pecova, originally published on

Politically, the enlargement of the European Union became a reality in 2004 when 10 new member states from central and southern Europe got entrance: Poland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia. It is the largest expansion done so far in terms of territory, states, population, etc. Since then the enlargement process becomes a magnifying glass (under the table) the issue of enlargement, especially when Romania and Bulgaria “got in” and the challenges that they took with them to the Union in recent years.

“The Great Lady” again, not only suffered a shock this year with the departure of Britain from the EU, but also proved to be possible the “impossible” scenario.

However, to become an EU member state is required to meet the obligations of membership with the required political and economic criteria. It also requires –the candidate country already has achieved stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights and respect for and protection of minorities (political criterion). It requires the existence of a functioning market economy and capacity to cope with competitive pressure and market forces within the Union (economic criteria).
But what does this mean in practice ?! To achieve all these criteria will have to show that we have harmonized the national legislation with the EU, or more simply: our laws to comply with a 60.000 regulations / directives of the EU in various fields.

For example, the EU has a special Directive for chickens that should be produced as meat. It is determined how much lighting should be provided, how often they are entitled to have meals per day, how many times ventilation is on and if they are cold ‘to release heat. ” Furthermore, it was determined that it should not hear noise and not be under stress, and I quote part of the Directive: “The level of noise should be minimized. Ventilation fans and other equipment set, should be operationalized in a way that causes minimum noise.”

What fascinated me is that it is prescribed and liveweight per kilogram per meter square. So there must be no more than 39 kilograms – live chickens per square meter. Now, compared to the structure of state administration of 16 people, an average of 70 kilos of live weight per person housed in 16 squares work room without ventilation, and then does not surprise me that we are in this current situation. We humans can not fit into the normal operating conditions and ones require hens do not become stressed.

In that case, the person who will speak in an election campaign that their priority is EU membership either do not know the meaning of EU or really thinks that the conditions relate only to the chickens.

I wonder: Is it better to be a chicken in a EU country ?!